How Does This Disease Start


Your hip aches every time you settle into your favorite armchair. Your spouse’s knee is beginning to twinge on every trip up and down the stairs. Your uncle’s fingers are so swollen and painful he has given up whittling. And your mother’s neck and shoulders ache so painfully she couldn’t dance at your son’s graduation.

All these conditions are arthritis. But they’re different types of arthritis. And not only does each type need a specific treatment, but also, because no two people are alike, what works well for you may not work well for your neighbor or friend with the same ailment.

One person may need a change of diet or a change in work habits. Another may simply need to rest more often and take aspirin occasionally. A third may need antibiotics right away or strong drugs to prevent becoming disabled later in life. Still others may need completely different types of treatment.

That’s why you need to know the type of arthritis you have, know your treatment options, and know yourself. With the help of your doctor and other health care practitioners, you can find a treatment plan that fits you, your life, and your condition.

You should be in charge of your health not the other way around.

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